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                       Network Engineers for Effective
                            Bandwidth Utilisation

                                 Welcome to


Policy Information:

        [1] Please be advised that use constitutes consent to monitoring 
            (Elec Comm Priv Act, 18 USC 2701-2711)

        [2] This system is restricted to authorised users only.  All data
            transfers to or from this computer are subject to monitoring by
            system personnel.  Anyone using this system expressly consents
            to such monitoring and is advised that if such monitoring
            reveals possible evidence of criminal activity, system personnel
            may provide the evidence of such monitoring to law enforcement

        [3] All troublesome users will get one warning before I revoke
            access.  Harassment will NOT be tolerated.

        [4] Do not fondle, spindle, or mutilate.

        [5] Trespassers will be violated.
Send all complaints and/or requests to root@NEEBU.Net

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