Mon, 25 November 2002


Well... I got sick and tired of the ambiguousness of the "sidebar" placement so I just went ahead and modified the CSS to force everything over to the right. Even though I despise CSS, I despise doing things halfway even more. Since templates use CSS in the first place, I figure I might as well do it the "right" way.

More filler

And of course, now that I have added an image, I now have to add even more filler postings. Why are my entries starting to read like a CHANGELOG?

Sun, 24 November 2002

Yet a third entry

Well... of course that stupid sidebar is long enough to warrant at least three entries in order to get it aligned all the way to the right. I should just modify the stinking css...


This is just another entry to see if I can realign the damn sidebars. In an attempt to make my blog look a little more stylish, I took the Stormy CSS style and modified it. Obviously, I also modified the index.html template. However, the CSS is kinda stupidly written in that unless you fill the page with entries, stuff that's supposed to hang to the right (sidebar) such as the searchbox, links, etc. don't actually make it there since they rely on blog entries to push them over.

Sat, 23 November 2002

Testing remote publishing client

Well... I've set up a blog... so now what? I really have nothing to tell the world so I'll just go ahead play with tools and programs like this remote publishing client called w.bloggar which can be found at